Cloud Computing

Cost Optimization of Cloud

Moving to the cloud brought the promise of reducing your technology costs by eliminating large capital expenses and giving you the ability to pay for only the resources you use. However, the reality of the cloud is that costs steadily rise over time, without clear gains in performance, flexibility, or user experience. Reducing costs becomes an imperative, but without clear insight into what drives your spend, strategic cost reduction is impossible.

SarasIndia Cost Optimization experts will give you that insight, along with the guidance you need to ensure that your cloud spend is productive and efficient, without diminishing your users’ experience.

Steps We Follow


Understanding the current application & its dependent infrastructure requirements to do the right sizing of resources

Right Instance

Deploying the right computation, storage, database, or any resource required against its market availability & cost. Choosing Right family of machine and while deploying the workload is most important factor.


Ensuring various circumstances are taken into consideration like traffic (low, normal, high), availability, reliability, and ability to scale resources automatically and more efficiently to achieve peak utilization of resources yet ensuring excellent customer satisfaction.


Continuous monitoring of resource utilization will help to understand the usage pattern and will able to choose the right infra for the workload that is running on cloud.


Based on Reviewing the metrics and usage pattern we are able to make decisions and this will be a continuous approach to save cost.

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